They say the first step of starting a blog is to find your niche; write what you know.  I don’t have a degree or a famiy like many of my peers in their mid 30’s.  My journey has been wildly different.  I’ve seen a darker side of life that walks the fine line between life and death.  I’ve seen a loved one spiral downward into a life of addiction as I closely followed.  But I’m not the only one.  There are many people who are lost in the world of drugs, and they’re not the ones you suspect on the street corner.  It could be your neighbor, your teacher, your doctor, or it could be YOU. 

I want to offer you my viewpoints as they are.  Give those who haven’t experienced it a peak into the underbelly of society.  And give those in the that lifestyle a shining light out.  If I can reach one person through this website, than it’s all worth it.  


I have just over 3 years of being clean from heroin & meth.  I have also been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and Fibromyalgia. You will hear my story as well as my take on issues effecting the community..


There will eventually be a place listing resources such as hotline phone numbers, doctors, a glossary, and rehab reviews.


This is the point of it all. If my story or what I have to say nudges a single person just one inch closer to a better life than my hours of worth are work it.